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IDS/Program requirements

researchThe courses below are required for an IDS in Marine Sciences with an emphasis in Marine Biology. It is also possible to complete programs with an emphasis on Chemistry, Geology, or Physics. Programs of study for students interested in these other areas are designed with the help of the student’s advisory panel.

Introductory course requirements: (40 h)

Biology: (8 h)

BIOL 1107-1107L - Principles of Biology I (4 hours) or BIOL 2107H-2107L (Honors)

BIOL 1108-1108L - Principles of Biology II (4 hours) or BIOL 2108H-2108L (Honors)

Chemistry: (12 h)

CHEM 1211 - Freshman Chemistry I (3 hours) and CHEM 1211L - Laboratory I (1 hour) or CHEM 1311H and CHEM 1311L (Honors)

CHEM 1212 - Freshman Chemistry II (3 hours) and CHEM 1212L - Laboratory (1 hour) or CHEM 1312H and CHEM 1312L (Honors)

CHEM 2211 - Modern Organic Chemistry I (3 hours) and CHEM 2211L - Laboratory I (1 hour) or CHEM 2311H and CHEM 2311L(Honors)

Physics: (8 h)

PHYS 1111-1111L - Introductory Physics-Mechanics, Waves, Thermodynamics (4 hours) or PHYS 1211-1211L (for Science and Engineering students)

PHYS 1112-1112L - Introductory Physics-Electricity and Magnetism, Optics, Modern Physics (4 hours) or PHYS 1212-1212L – (for Science and Engineering Students)

Mathematics: (8 h)

MATH 2250 - Calculus I for Science and Engineering (4 hours)

MATH 2260 - Calculus II for Science and Engineering (4 hours)

Geology: (4 h)

GEOL 1250/1250L – Physical Geology (4 hours)

Upper level course requirements: (30 – 33 h)

Biology: (11-12 h)

BCMB 3100 - Introductory Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (4 hours) or BCMB 4020/6020 - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology II (3 hours)
ECOL3500-3500L - Ecology (4 hours) or GENE 3000 - Evolutionary Biology (4 hours)

GENE 3200 - Genetics (4 hours)

Marine Sciences: (10 h)

MARS 4100/6100 - Physical Processes of the Ocean (3 hours)

MARS 4200/6200 - Chemical and Biological Oceanography (3 hours)

MARS 3450-3450L - Marine Biology (4 hours)

on a boat Other:  (9-11 h)

INTS 4990 – Directed Study – IDS Senior Thesis (3 hours)

Two additional 3000- or 4000- level courses from any Department in the Division of Biological Sciences (at least 3 hours each)

Double major

Many students in the IDS program choose to pursue a double major in IDS and another science department. A double major gives students depth in a second area of science. It also provides additional options for students who do not maintain a GPA of 3.0 or do not complete a senior thesis. 

The most common double major is with Biology. To meet the Biology requirements, the courses listed above for the IDS degree with a Marine Biology emphasis would require an additional core course (CBIO 3300 - Developmental Biology or CBIO 3400 - Cell Biology or PBIO 3600 - Plant Cell and Developmental Biology (4 hours). It would also need to be evaluated to ensure that the student has satisfied the organismal and laboratory course requirements. See the UGA Bulletin for more information about the Biology program requirements.

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