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Seminar: Monday, December 5, 2022

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr. Johnson with long strawberry blonde hair and dark framed glasses, stands in a white lab coat smiling into the camera.
Abigail Johnson
Marine Sciences
University of Georgia

Please join us on Monday December 5 at 12:40 pm for the UGA Department of Marine Sciences seminar. Dr. Abbie Johnson, a postdoctoral researcher in our department, will present her work on Methane Hydrate Crystallization on Sessile Water Droplets. If anyone would like to meet with the speaker after the talk, please email Dr. Joye to set up a meeting (


This paper describes a method to form methane hydrate shells on water droplets. In addition, it provides blueprints for a pressure cell rated to 10 MPa working pressure, containing a stage for sessile droplets, a sapphire window for visualization, and temperature and pressure transducers. A pressure pump connected to a methane gas cylinder is used to pressurize the cell to 5 MPa. The cooling system is a 10 gallon (37.85 L) tank containing a 50% ethanol solution cooled via ethylene glycol through copper coils. This setup enables the observation of the temperature change associated with hydrate formation and dissociation during cooling and depressurization, respectively, as well as visualization and photography of the morphologic changes of the droplet. With this method, rapid hydrate shell formation was observed at ~-6 °C to -9 °C. During depressurization, a 0.2 °C to 0.5 °C temperature drop was observed at the pressure/temperature (P/T) stability curve due to exothermic hydrate dissociation, confirmed by visual observation of melting at the start of the temperature drop. The "memory effect" was observed after repressurizing to 5 MPa from 2 MPa. This experimental design allows the monitoring of pressure, temperature, and morphology of the droplet over time, making this a suitable method for testing various additives and substrates on hydrate morphology.

The Zoom link for those of you joining from your computers will be Marine Sciences Room 239 and the Skidaway Auditorium will have a live feed of the talk.


The room will be open at 12:20 pm, and the talk will begin at 12:40 pm.


Our complete schedule of talks this semester is listed on the calendar:

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