Tim Hollibaugh and Others Announced as Winner for FEMS MiniReview Contest

The 2017 winners were announced this month- along with Ronald S. Oremland, Chad W. Saltikov, John F. Stolz, Tim Hollibaugh produced a MiniReview for FEMS Microbiology Letter's publication titled Autotrophic microbial arsenotrophy in arsenic-rich soda lakes. From their website, the aim of this award is to "recognise the importance of collaborative work that is being carried out in both multidisciplinary research and the knowledge development process". Congratulations to Tim and everyone involved in this process!

Catching that CO2 before the Sun Comes up!

-by Shiyu Rachel Wang

“Get out of the way!” Chuck shouted. The motor's sound trailed off, and we had to stop our boat in the middle of the creek to let the dolphins pass. “You know people pay hundreds of dollars in Savannah to watch the dolphins?” I pointed out the irony. “Yeah, they are cool, but not when we need to finish this CO2 sampling by sunrise.” Chuck grumbled. I looked at my watch, we just lost 5 minutes of sampling time.


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