PhD Dissertation Defense: "Modeling growth and production dynamics of Spartina alterniflora"

Summary: The goal of this work is to investigate growth and production dynamics of the most dominant salt marsh grass in the southeastern United States, Spartina alterniflora, including documenting the non-structural carbohydrates pool and presenting translocated biomass between above- and below-ground tissues in S. alterniflora during several phenological periods.

Franklin College faculty member named Regents’ Professor

Mary Ann Moran has been named Regents' Professor for the University of Georgia. The Regents’ Professorship includes a $10,000 salary increase and is granted for an initial period of three years, which may be renewed. No more than one Regents’ Professorship is given in any year at UGA. This is certainly a huge honor and we couldn't be prouder of Professor Moran. From all of us here in the Marine Science Department, Congratulations, Mary Ann!!

A Day in the Life of Tim Hollibaugh Part Five

Tim Hollibaugh's journey finally comes to an end. He recounted the last days of his research cruise below:

End of the cruise.  We made it back across Drake Passage with generally good weather, it even cleared enough to see the Southern Cross.  A bit short on wildlife for most of the transit, though we saw King and Magellanic Penguins and Black-browed and Wandering Albatross at sea off the coast of Argentina. After spending 6 weeks in a 10 x 20 cabin with a room mate, it was good to go ashore again (the picture below shows the cramped  cozy quarters.)

Featured Student: CAROLINA ERNANI da SILVA

Carolina at work

    I grew up in a very big and busy city in Brazil. As you can imagine, São Paulo is not the kind of city where nature is close to our homes. However, I’ve always been interested in marine animals, such as dolphins, turtles, and whales. I basically grew up watching discovery channel documentaries and scientific TV shows about oceans.  This is how my passion for the ocean was born. When I needed to choose a professional career it was not that hard because I knew that it would be related to the marine environment.


Frank on ice

    Born and raised in Puerto Rico, to me the ocean view was as common as looking at the sky. While on the island, I did a B.Sc. in Microbiology and a M.Sc. in Biotechnology both in the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. My research focus was Bioprospecting Antibiotic Resistance in Functional Metagenomics Libraries in soil, and determining gene pathways that caused antibiotic resistance. There, I also taught a variety of different labs and classes to all sorts of students.

A Day in the Life of Tim Hollibaugh Part Three

Tim is now in Port Lockroy, which is just around the corner from Palmer Station. According to Tim, "It used to be a whaling station.  It is now essentially a museum staffed by 4 women, 70.000+ visitors per year, mostly cruise ships (you have to queue up).  There was one there ship there when we visited.  The station was there before the (Gentoo) penguins moved in in the mid 60’s."

Not much else has been going on, but he sent us plenty of pictures this time! Please enjoy them below (along with Tim's captions).


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