Tuesday, August 21, 2018 - 2:49pm

Jeremy Schreier is the latest graduate student to receive a prestigious fellowship. This one is from the National Science Foundation and awards exemplary early- career graduate students. This award is given with some high expectations- Jeremy is expected, along with all other fellows, to contribute significantly over the course of his career in research, teaching, and innovations in science and engineering. He currently studies microbial communities in the sunlit (euphotic) zone of the ocean environment. Regarding his current project involving phycospheres (micro-habitats in the euphotic zone), he stated that the goal is “to assess the fitness advantage conferred by an individual gene during growth in phycospheres by measuring the ecological success of bacteria when that gene is rendered non-functional." It definitely sounds like he has a lot of work on his plate, and we wish him the best throughout his career. We are so glad to call him one of our own! More information about the program and the original story from the UGA Graduate School website can be found here.