Friday, November 7, 2014 - 10:31am

Dr. Samantha Joye is participating in the internationally acclaimed "BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit", underway in St. Petersburg Florida.  She is joining global leaders in ocean conservation, such as scientist Dr. Sylvia Earle, founder of Mission Blue, marine advocates Fabien Cousteau and Celine Cousteau, grandchildren of Jacques Cousteau, and royal philanthropist Prince Albert II of Monaco. Other luminaries include renowned actor of stage and screen Jeremy Irons (narrator of Trashed a marine debris film),  global explorer and discover of the Titanic, Dr. Robert Ballard, who has his deep ocean exploration vessel, the E/V Nautilus on display at BLUE, and famed adventurer Sir Robert Swan, the first human to walk both Poles.

Dr Joye served as a judge for the 2014 film competition.   She will be a member of a Mission Blue youth education session, "Ocean Gems" that will broadcast live on youtube and will serve as a Panel member discussing the current state of the Gulf of Mexico after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion. Dr. Joye is Science Director of the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative-funded consortium ECOGIG (​Ecosystem Impacts of Oil & Gas Inputs to the Gulf).