Graduate Application

The Marine Sciences Department will hold its graduate recruitment event towards the end of January. The Department will defray travel costs to this event for qualifying applicants.


How to Apply

Application information is available at the Graduate School web site (


Deadlines for Fall Applications:

January 1 for full consideration for university fellowships and for travel expenses to the recruiting event. 

Applications will continue to be accepted through April 15 for international students and July 1 for U.S. students.


Application materials to be uploaded online through the Graduate School:

  1. Application (an on-line application is available at
  2. Application fee
  3. Transcripts for all college and post-college institutions attended. One can initially upload an unofficial copy. Official transcripts are not required during the review process and will only be required for applicants who are offered admission. Do not mail official transcripts until offered admission.
  4. Foreign student credentials (if applicable)
  5. Three Letters of recommendation.  There is an online form available for submission through the application site.
  6. CV
  7. Statement of Purpose

*All materials will be available online for both the Graduate School and the Department’s viewing.  There is no need to send hard copies.

**GRE scores are not required, but we encourage you to report them if you have taken the test. If you have scores to report, list your scores and test date on the online supplemental form

Application materials to be sent to the Department of Marine Sciences:

Complete the online Marine Sciences supplemental application form. Once you have complete this form, send an email to to alert the department of its completion. 

More Information

Positive departmental admission decisions typically depend upon a potential future advisor promoting the application. Thus, it is important that applicants familiarize themselves with the research done in the department, identify and communicate with potential advisors.

For more information and if you have specific questions about the program please contact 
Dr. Christof Meile
Graduate Coordinator
Department of Marine Sciences
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602-3636