Nick Colvard
261 Marine Science Bldg.

About Nick: "My graduate research training encompassed a combination of biophysical and physiological tools used to describe how organism responds to changes in environmental conditions. For my masters research, I focused on the effects of the light microenvironment influencing the photophysiology and growth of scleractinian coral. For my dissertation research, I explored the physiological responses of Fucus vesiculosus, a basal primary producer, to environmental drivers (i.e., temperature and nutrient enrichment) through the use of photosynthesis and growth measurements. Under controlled laboratory manipulations I evaluated the role of snail grazing on different source populations of algal tissue, and quantified environmental nutrient levels on small spatial scales. I am currently interested in exploring how multiple stressors and drivers impact organism physiology, and evaluating the impact of static vs oscillating environmental conditions on organism performance within the context of climate change and environmental extremes."