Marine Sciences Building Room 261

Dr. Arnoldo Valle-Levinson from the University of Florida, Civil and Coastal Engineering will present a seminar titled: 

What are those "wiggles" in storm surges?

Storm surges on the eastern seaboard of the United States can be distorted by semidiurnal perturbations, "semidiurnal wiggles," that arise from tide-storm interactions. In the Gulf of Mexico, surges can also get the "wiggles." In this case,they arise from atmospheric forcing interacting with long ocean waves and have periods of order 1 hour. These "wiggles" are known as meteotsunamis. In both cases of the eastern United States and the Gulf of Mexico, the sea level perturbations seem to be more ubiquitous than previously described. The main mechanisms that cause these phenomena will be discussed as well as the potential implications for coastal regions.

See his homepage for more information of his diverse work in estuarine and coastal dynamics.