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Patricia L. Yager
Patricia L. Yager
Associate Professor

Mailing Address:
Dr. Patricia L. Yager
University of Georgia
Department of Marine Sciences
166 Marine Sciences Building
Athens, Georgia 30602-3636

Office Phone: (706) 542-6824
Lab Phone: (706) 542-0082
FAX Number: (706) 542-5888
Curriculum Vitae

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To learn more about projects Dr. Yager is involved with, please see the links below.

Amazon River Continuum Project



National Geographic

Georgia Magazine

Arctic Nitrogen

Georgia Ocean and Human Health Initiative

UGA Climate and Society Initiative

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Ph.D. 1996, University of Washington, School of Oceanography

M.S. 1988, University of Washington, School of Oceanography

B.S. 1985, Brown University, Dept of Geology

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Research Emphasis:

Biological and chemical oceanography, marine microbial ecology and biogeochemistry. My research focuses on the feedbacks between climate change and marine ecosystems. I am interested in both fieldwork and modeling. My field research combines microbial ecology and community structure with inorganic carbon chemistry.  Recent projects include investigating climate-active gas emissions from Antarctic sea ice communities, bacterial remineralization in the Amundsen and Ross Sea polynyas, and carbon sequestration by microbial communities in the Amazon River plume.

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Selected Publications:

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Goes, J.I., H.d.R. Gomes, A.M. Chekalyuk, E.J. Carpenter, J.P. Montoya, V.J. Coles, P.L. Yager, W.M. Berelson, D.G. Capone, R.A. Foster, D.K. Steinberg, A. Subramaniam, M. A. Hafez (2013). Influence of the Amazon River discharge on the biogeography of phytoplankton communities in the western tropical north Atlantic. Prog. Oceanogr.  PDF

Ingall, E.D., J.M. Diaz, A.F. Longo, M. Oakes, L. Finney, S. Vogt, B. Lai, P. L. Yager, B.S. Twining, and J.A. Brandes (2013).   Role of biogenic silica in the removal of iron from Antarctic Seas.  Nature Communications: 10.1038/ncomms2981.  PDF

Ward, N.D., R.G. Keil, P.M. Medeiros, D.C. Brito, A.C. Cunha, T. Dittmar, P.L. Yager, A.V. Krusche, J.E. Richey (2013). Degradation of terrestrially-derived lignin macromolecules in the Amazon River.  Nature Geoscience: doi:10.1038/ngeo1817.  PDF

Ghiglione, J.-F., P.E. Galand, T. Pommier, C. Pedrós-Alió, E.W. Maas, K. Bakker, S. Bertilson, D.L. Kirchman, C. Lovejoy, P.L. Yager, A.E. Murray (2012). Pole to pole biogeography of surface and deep marine bacterial communities. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. doi/10.1073/pnas.1208160109.  PDF

Alonso-Sáez, L., A. S. Waller, D. R. Mende, K. Bakker, P. Yager, M. Estrada, F. Heinrich, H. Farnelid, L. Riemann, C. Pedrós-Alió, P. Bork, S. Bertilsson (2012). The paradox of archaeal growth in polar waters. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. doi/10.1073/pnas.1201914109.  PDF   Comment

Yeung, L.Y., W.M. Berelson, E.D. Young, M.G. Prokopenko, N. Rollins, V.J. Coles, J.P. Montoya, E.J. Carpenter, D.K. Steinberg, R.A. Foster, D.G. Capone, and P.L. Yager  (2012). Impact of diatom-diazotroph associations on carbon export in the Amazon River plume. Geophysical Research Letters. doi:10.1029/2012GL053356.  PDF

Moran, M.A., B. Satinsky, S.M. Gifford, H. Luo, A. Rivers, L.-K. Chan, J. Meng, B.P. Durham, C. Shen, V.A. Varaljay, C.B. Smith, P.L. Yager,  and B.M. Hopkinson (2012). Sizing up metatranscriptomics. The ISME Journal, 1–7. doi:10.1038/ismej.2012.94.  PDF

Yager, P.L., R.M. Sherrell, S.E. Stammerjohn, A.-C. Alderkamp, O. Schofield, E.P. Abrahamsen, K.R. Arrigo, S. Bertilsson, D.L. Garay, R. Guerrero, K.E. Lowry, P.-O. Moksnes, K. Ndungu, A.F. Post, E. Randall-Goodwin, L. Riemann, S. Severmann, S. Thatje, G.L. van Dijken, and S. Wilson. 2012. ASPIRE: The Amundsen Sea Polynya International Research Expedition. Oceanography 25(3):40–53, doi: 10.5670/oceanog.2012.73.   PDF

Fransson, A., M. Chierici, P. L. Yager, and W. O. Smith Jr. Antarctic sea ice carbon dioxide system and controls J. Geophys. Res., doi:10.1029/2010JC006844 (2011). PDF 

Jiang, L.-Q., W.-J. Cai, Y. Wang, J. Diaz, P.L. Yager, and X. Hu (2010). Pelagic community respiration on the continental shelf off Georgia, USA. Biogeochemistry 98: 101-113. PDF

Subramaniam, A., P.L. Yager, E.J. Carpenter, C. Mahaffey, K. Bjorkman, S. Cooley, A.B. Kustka, J. P. Montoya, S. A. Sanudo-Wilhelmy, R. Shipe, and D.G. Capone (2008).  Amazon River enhances diazotrophy and carbon sequestration in the tropical North Atlantic Ocean.  Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. PDF Supplemental Info

Cooley, S.R., V.J. Coles, A. Subramaniam, and P.L.Yager (2007). Seasonal variations in the Amazon plume-related atmospheric carbon sink. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 21, GB3014, doi:10.1029/2006GB002831. PDF

Cooley, S.R. and P.L. Yager (2006). Physical and biological contributions to the western tropical North Atlantic Ocean carbon sink formed by the Amazon River plume. Journal of Geophysical Research, 111, C08018, doi: 10.1029/2005JC002954. PDF

Connelly, T.L., C.M. Tilburg, and P.L. Yager (2006). Evidence for psychrophiles outnumbering psychrotolerant marine bacteria in the springtime coastal Arctic . Limnology and Oceanography 51: 1205-1210. PDF

Mei, Z.-P., L. Legendre, J.-E. Tremblay, L. Miller, Y. Gratton, C. Lovejoy, P.L. Yager , and M. Gosselin (2005). Carbon to nitrogen (C:N) stoichiometry of the spring-summer phytoplankton bloom in the North Water Polynya (NOW). Deep Sea Research Part I 52: 2301-2314. PDF

Hodges, L.R., N. Bano, J.T. Hollibaugh, and P.L. Yager (2005). Illustrating the importance of particulate organic matter to pelagic microbial abundance and community structure - an Arctic case study. Aquatic Microbial Ecology 40(3): 217-227 . PDF

Miller, L.A. , P.L. Yager , K. A. Erickson, J. B â cle, J.K. Cochran, M.- È . Garneau, M. Gosselin, D.J. Hirschberg, B. Klein, B. LeBlanc, and W.L. Miller (2002). Carbon distributions and fluxes in the North Water, northern Baffin Bay , 1998 & 1999. Deep-Sea Research II 49: 5151-5170. PDF

Yager, P.L. , T.L. Connelly, B. Mortazavi, K.E. Wommack, N. Bano, J.E. Bauer, S. Opsahl, and J.T. Hollibaugh (2001). Dynamic bacterial and viral response to an algal bloom at sub-zero temperatures. Limnology and Oceanography 46: 790 - 801. PDF

Yager, P.L. , and J.W. Deming (1999). Pelagic microbial activity in an Arctic polynya: testing for temperature and substrate interactions using a kinetic approach. Limnology and Oceanography 44 :1882-1893. PDF

Daly, K.L., D.W.R. Wallace, W.O. Smith, Jr., A. Skoog, R. Lara, M. Gosselin, E. Falck, P.L. Yager (1999). Anomalous carbon and nitrogen cycling in the Arctic : effects of ecosystem structure and dynamics. Journal of Geophysical Research 104: 3185-3199. PDF

Smith, C.R., H.L. Maybaum, A.R. Baco, R.H. Pope, S.D. Carpenter, P.L. Yager , S.A. Macko, & J.W. Deming (1998). Sediment community structure around a whale skeleton in the deep NE Pacific: macrofaunal, microbial, and bioturbation effects. Deep-Sea Res. II. 45: 335-364. PDF

Yager, P.L. , D.W.R. Wallace, K.M. Johnson, W.O. Smith, Jr., P.J. Minnett, and J.W. Deming (1995). The Northeast Water Polynya as an atmospheric CO 2 sink: a seasonal rectification hypothesis. Journal of Geophysical Research 100: 4389-4398. PDF

Jumars, P.A., J.W. Deming, P.S. Hill, L. Karp-Boss, P.L. Yager , and W.B. Dade (1993). Physical constraints on marine osmotrophy in an optimal foraging context. Marine Microbial Food Webs 7: 121-159. PDF

Yager, P.L. , A.R.M. Nowell, and P.A. Jumars (1993). Enhanced deposition to pits: a local food source for benthos. Journal of Marine Research 51: 209-236. PDF

Book Chapters

Ducklow, H. and P.L. Yager (2007). Pelagic bacteria in polynyas. pp. 323-361 in: Polynyas: Windows into Polar Oceans (W. O. Smith, Jr., and D. Barber, editors), Elsevier Oceanography Series, 74 (David Halpern, series editor). PDF

Deming, J.W., and P.L. Yager (1992). Natural bacterial assemblages in deep-sea sediments: towards a global view. In: G. T. Rowe and V. Pariente (eds.), Deep-Sea Food Chains and the Global Carbon Cycle. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Netherlands , p. 11-27. PDF

Other publications

Teare-Ketter , C.A. , and P.L. Yager (2003). A laboratory manual for the marine environment, 2 nd edition. Pearson Publishing, Boston , 217 p.
Bronk, D. and P. Yager (2000).  "Research at the Extremes." University  of Georgia Research Reporter (local popular press, not refereed) 29:  37-38.  PDF

Yager, P. L. (1996).  The microbial fate of carbon in high-latitude seas: impact of the microbial loop on oceanic uptake of CO2.  Dissertation. University of Washington. 174 pp. PDF


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