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Christof Meile
Christof Meile
Associate Professor

Mailing Address:
Dr. Christof Meile
Department of Marine Sciences
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602-3636

Office Phone: (706) 542-6549
FAX Number: (706) 542-5888
Home Page:

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Ph.D. 2003, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands

M.Sc. 1999, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA

Dipl. Nat.wiss. 1996, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland

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Research Emphasis:

Reactive-Transport Modeling and Biogeochemical Cycling
bioturbation, microbial metabolism, in silico microbial models and upscaling, nutrient dynamics and human impacts at the land-ocean interface, salt marsh carbon and groundwater dynamics, iron cycling and redox oscillations, hydrothermal vents, oil spill impacts

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Selected Publications: 

Selected Publications: 

Porubsky, W., Joye, S., Moore, W.S., Tuncay, K., Meile, C. (2010): Field measurements and modeling of groundwater flow and biogeochemistry at Moses Hammock, a backbarrier island on the Georgia coast. Biogeochemistry 104(1-3): 69-90.

Pallud, C., Kausch, M., Fendorf, S. and Meile, C. (2010): Spatial patterns and modeling of reductive ferrihydrite transformation observed in artifical soil aggregates. Environmental Science and Technology 44: 74-79.

Meile, C., Porubsky, W.P., Walker R. and Payne, K. (2009): Natural attenuation of nitrogen loading from septic effluents: Spatial and environmental controls. Water Research 44(5): 1399-1408.

King, E.L., Tuncay, K., Ortoleva, P. and Meile, C. (2009): In silico Geobacter sulfurreducens metabolism and its representation in reactive transport models. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 75(1): 29-38.

Orcutt, B. and Meile, C. (2008): Constraints on mechanisms and rates of anaerobic oxidation of methane by microbial consortia: Process-based modeling of ANME-2 archaea and sulfate reducing bacteria interactions. Biogeosciences 5: 1587-1599.

Meile, C. and Tuncay, K. (2006): Scale dependence of reaction rates in porous media. Advances in Water Resources 29: 62-71.

Meile, C., Berg, P., Van Cappellen, P. and Tuncay, K. (2005): Solute-specific pore water irrigation: Implications for chemical cycling in early diagenesis. Journal of Marine Research 63(3): 601-621.

Meile, C. and Van Cappellen, P. (2003): Global estimates of enhanced solute transport in marine sediments. Limnology and Oceanography 48(2): 777-786.


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