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William Miller
Associate Professor (Associate Director, School of Marine Programs)

Mailing Address:
Dr. William Miller
248 Marine Sciences Bldg.
Department of Marine Sciences
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602-3636

Office Phone: (706) 542-4299
Lab Phone: (706) 542-0809
FAX Number: (706) 542-5888

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Ph.D. 1990, Chemical Oceanography, University of Rhode Island

M.S. 1985, Marine Science, University of South Florida

B.A. (cum laude) 1979, Biology, Wake Forest University

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Research Emphasis: 

Photochemical reactions and their effect on aquatic carbon cycles; distribution of trace carbon gases, alteration of aquatic humic substances, and relation to optics and biological processes

Fluxes of trace gases and their significance to global warming, biogeochemical feedbacks and climate change

Trace element and trace metal redox chemistry, processes controlling chemical distributions and biological utilization

Kinetic modeling of observed chemical disequilibria; integration of thermodynamic and kinetic models for natural waters

Development of novel analytical methods for the evaluation of photochemical and redox reactions at environmental concentrations

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Selected Publications:

    Cao, F., C.G. Fichot, W.L. Miller (2013) Improved algorithms for accurate retrieval of UV/Visible diffuse attenuation coefficients in optically complex, inshore waters. (submitted to Remote Sensing Environment).

    Reader, H. E., and W. L. Miller (2013) The efficiency and photon dose dependence of photochemically induced changes to the microbial lability of dissolved organic carbon (submitted, reviewed, Limnology and Oceanography).

    Para, J., B. Charriere, A. Matsuoka, W. L. Miller, J.F.R. Rontani and R. Sempere (2013) UV radiation and DOM properties in surface coastal waters of the Canadian shelf of the Beaufort Sea during summer 2009. Biogeosciences, 10:2761-2774.

    Reader, H. E., and W. L. Miller (2012) Variability of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide apparent quantum yield spectra in three coastal estuaries of the South Atlantic Bight, Biogeosciences, 9:4279-4294, doi:10.5194/bg-9-4279-2012.

    Burns, Justina M., William J. Cooper, John L. Ferry, D. Whitney King, Brian P. DiMento, Kristopher McNeill, Christopher J. Miller, William L. Miller, Barrie M. Peake, Steven A. Rusak, Andrew L. Rose, and T. David Waite (2012) Methods for reactive oxygen species (ROS) detection in aqueous environments. Aquatic Sciences, Vol. 74(4):683-734.

    Reader, H. E., and W. L. Miller (2011) Effect of estimations of ultraviolet absorption spectra of chromophoric dissolved organic matter on the uncertainty of photochemical production calculations.  Journal of Geophysical Research, 116:C08002, doi:10.1029/2010JC006823.

    Sempéré R., Babin M., Chami M., Charrière B., Conan P., Doxaran D., Fernandez C., Jeffrey W., Joux F., Mallet M., Melin F., Miller W.L., Mostajir B., Fouillan E., Para J., Pujo-Pay M., Rontani J.-F., , Tedetti M., Vantrepotte V., Brunet C.  (2011) Influence of Solar Radiations.  In Special Issue, Progress in Oceanography, "Marine Ecosystems Responses to climatic and anthropogenic forcings in the Mediterranean." 

    Fichot C. G., and W. L. Miller (2010) Quantifying marine photochemical fluxes using remote sensing: a monthly, global, depth-resolved climatology of carbon monoxide (CO) photoproduction.  Remote Sensing of Environment, 114:1363–1377.

    White, Emily M., David J. Kieber, Jane Sherrard, William L. Miller, and Kenneth Mopper (2010)  Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide photoproduction quantum yields in the Delaware Estuary, Marine Chemistry, 118:11–21.

    Fichot C. G., S. Sathyendranath, and W. L. Miller (2008) SeaUV and SeaUVC: Algorithms for the retrieval of UV/Visible diffuse attenuation coefficients from ocean color, Remote Sensing of Environment, 112:1584–1602.

    Tedetti, M., R. Sempéré, A. Vasilkov, B. Charrière, D. Nérini, W. Miller, K. Kawamura, and P. Raimbault, (2007)  High penetration of ultraviolet radiation in South Pacific waters, Geophysical Research Letters, 34:L12610, doi:10.1029/2007GL029823

    Moran, M.A., and W.L. Miller (2007) Microbial carbon biogeochemistry in the coastal ocean: resourceful heterotrophs make the most of light, Nature Reviews Microbiology, 5:792-800.

    Ziolkowski, L.A., and W.L. Miller (2007) Variability of the quantum efficiency of CO photoproducton in the Gulf of Maine. Marine Chemistry, 105:258-270.

    Bouillon, R-C., W.L. Miller, M. Levasseur, M. Scarratt, A. Merzouk, S. Michaud, L. Ziolkowski (2006) The effect of mesoscale iron enrichment on the marine photochemistry of dimethylsulfide in the NE subarctic Pacific. Deep Sea Research II (Special SERIES Issue), 53:2384-2397.


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