Numerical modeling of multiphase plumes and their applications: 1) Lagrangian integral near field plumes and 2) Lagrangian far field plumes

Dr. Dissanayake is a postdoctoral researcher working on modeling aggregation and export of marine particle and oil in the water column in Dr. Burd’s lab at UGA. She was previously a postdoctoral researcher working with Dr. Scott Socolofsky at Texas A&M University.

Guaymas Basin Research Cruise

From December 7th-29th, many of our researchers and grad students will be participating in a research cruise in the Guaymas Basin. The Guaymas Basin is a frighteningly unique portion of the Mid- Ocean Ridge. One could expect to see volcanic eruptions (or evidence thereof) in most other parts of this ridge, but NOT in this basin. An incredibly thick layer of sediment has protected the organisms in the basin from hydrothermal vents present throughout the Mid- Ocean Ridge.


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