TitleMarine Photochemistry of Organic Matter: Processes and Impacts
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsMopper K, Kieber DJ, Stubbins A
Book TitleBiogeochemistry of Dissolved Organic Matter
PublisherAcademic Press

Dissolved organic matter (DOM) is the strongest light absorbing component of seawater, especially in coastal regions, and therefore it plays a dominant role in marine photochemical and photophysical processes in surface waters. This critical review focuses on the impact of DOM photochemistry on marine biogeochemical processes, highlighting and evaluating recent advances and areas for future work.  Specific topics reviewed include: (1) coupling photochemical and microbial processes; (2) photochemical dissolved inorganic carbon formation and oxygen consumption; (3) carbon monoxide photoproduction; (4) role of photochemistry in the sulfur, nitrogen and phosphorus cycles; (5) mechanisms of DIC photoformation and DOM oxidation; (6) particle and sea-ice photochemistry; (7) photochemical transformations of siderophores and toxins; and (8) modeling photochemical rates. Finally, several avenues of future work are discussed including the need for mechanistic studies, photoproduction and air-sea exchange of important atmospheric trace gases, DOM marine food web dynamics and trace metals, photodissolution and photoflocculation of particles, and improved quantification of photochemical rates.

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